It is widely recognised in business that it is much more efficient to focus on retaining existing customers than it is to focus on winning new ones – which is generally a much costlier and more time-consuming exercise. Customer loyalty is key to the long-term success of most businesses and it is crucial for organisations to consistently meet the needs and expectations of their customers in order to encourage long-term loyalty.

Developing a truly customer centric organisation can be a difficult task however. It requires a clear strategy, strong leadership and employee buy-in at all levels in order to effect the change in processes and crucially, in mind-set, that is required. It’s about connecting the business, the customer and the employee at all times.

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At World of Business Change, we recognise that every organisation is unique and our methodology and process is always tailored to the requirements of the individual business. Generally however, when implementing a customer centric change programme, we adopt a three phased approach which can be split into Learning, Delivery and Future-proofing.

The below diagram shows how a customer centric change journey might be designed. This way of working allows us to create clear timelines and milestones for each project. Workshops, activities and outputs at each level are pre-defined and will depend on the requirements identified at the Learning stage. In this way we can ensure that the process is optimised for the individual business.

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